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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy an engraved item?
See the Harlow Studio Etsy shop or contact Kim.   

How did you get into hand engraving?
As is often the case with fine art, one generation of artists teaches the next. My journey into the world of hand engraving was no different. What makes my story unique is that I learned directly from the best in the business – legendary engraver Ken Brown himself. Ken’s engraving work sets the industry standard for quality and professionalism. I am honored to continue Ken’s tradition of excellence in each and every piece of artistry that I create. In 2013, I formally opened Harlow Studio to further my artistic endeavors.

What is hand engraving and why is it unique?
First and foremost, hand engraving is an art form. The “freehand” nature of the work differentiates it from inferior quality, mass produced, mechanical engraving and allows the artist to impart a personal touch to each piece. From a practical perspective, our “canvas” can be almost any material the customer desires -- glass, metal, or ceramic -- just to name a few choices. And our “brush”? Well, that’s our “secret sauce.” My instrument of choice is a specially designed high speed drill rotating at over 300,000 RPMs. By manipulating the pressure, speed, and angle of the drill bit, the artist is able to create custom results which cannot be replicated by laser or electronic engraving.

How can I enlist your services? How much does it cost?
Harlow Studio would be honored to take your project from, as we like to say, “imagination to creation.” Understandably, the specific costs of any piece reflect the complexity of the item, the material, and any unique setup requirements. Wine bottles, for example, require extra care and skill and are priced accordingly. However, please see below for a general outline of our services and pricing:

  1. Customer Provided Items: In cases where the customer provides the item to be engraved, engraving services are charged on a per word basis. The price varies depending on the layout requirements and the value of the item itself.  Standinard pricing does exist for wine bottles. The price for 750ml wines bottles is $3 per word with a $20 minimum.  Many types of items make excellent mediums for engraving, included silver platters, wedding bands, knives, guns, and countless others. Regardless of the item, rest assured that we will transform it into something truly unique and personal! We take pride in creating engraved gifts that will never be forgotten! Contact Kim to get started. 

  2. Ready Made Gifts: For those occasions where you don’t have a specific item in mind, let Harlow Studio do the work for you! We have a wide variety of engravable items in stock, including pocket knives, keepsake makeup compacts, baby bottles, and Christmas ornaments. Each of these items can be engraved with your personal message or with one of our standard inscriptions. Check out the Harlow Studio Etsy Shop and/or Contact Kim.

Do you offer engraving services on-site or at events?
We certainly do! Whether it’s a private event, such as such a wedding reception, birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, or wine or dinner party, we can come to you. We do on-site promotional engraving for commercial establishments, often in conjunction with store openings, merchandise give-ways, or holiday promotions. We also do various types of vendor events such as Gun & Knife Shows and Craft fairs.  

Are there any items that should not be hand engraved?
Unfortunately, some materials are not suitable for engraving. These include: unopened bottles of champagne (due to a risk of explosion and injury) and any item made of plastic (they melt). Also, concrete or cloth materials cannot be engraved.  

What is the turn-around time for engraving items?
The turnaround time depends primarily on the complexity of the customer’s engraving request. Most projects can be completed in a few days to a week. For in-stock gifts, immediate or next day shipment may be available. 

About Kim Harlow & Harlow Studio?
Currently a resident of Bowling Green, Kentucky, Kim Harlow has traveled the world far and wide. She holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in Business Management and has worked extensively in the IT industry in Dallas, Texas. However, she derives her greatest satisfaction in creating unique and memorable engraved gifts for you and your loved ones. See the Harlow Studio Etsy shop or contact Kim.

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